Help enterprises safely make the shift to cloud.


Cloud Shift strives to ensure that its clients:

  1. Know their options before they embark on their journey into the cloud
  2. Only adopt cloud solutions that they can implement, maintain, and manage
  3. Mitigate the unexpected and/or unforeseen costs and risks of the cloud
  4. Have access to the support and resources that they need when they need them
  5. Achieve a cloud experience that aligns with their expectations


Cloud Shift Strategies is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Registered Consulting Partner staffed by Amazon Cloud Solution Architects. CLOUD SHIFT resells AWS Cloud Services through its Cloud Portal and provides Education, Design, Deployment, Migration, Management & Optimization Services with over 25 years of experience supporting enterprise IT environments.


Cloud Shift Strategies’ CEO, Brian Peterson, saw the adoption of cloud computing beginning while working for one of North America’s largest value-added resellers (VARs). Chief among the features that he saw driving cloud adoption was consumerization.

Cloud services such as those from Amazon made it easy for developers to try its cloud service. For pennies per day, any developer could provision infinite AWS compute resources in seconds using Infrastructure as Code and APIs.

But as the same time, Mr. Peterson observed a gap in the ability of traditional VARs to deliver meaningful VALUE to their customers based upon the cloud’s pay-as-you-go consumption model. He specifically recognized most companies had neither the experience nor skill sets needed to manage the infrastructure or develop the code that was hosting applications and data in the cloud now required.

Mr. Peterson founded Cloud Shift Strategies in 2017 to address these shortcomings. Cloud Shift Strategies frees new and existing AWS clients to obtain AWS services from Cloud Shift Strategies at the same cost as obtaining cloud services directly from Amazon.

The perks that companies realize by using Cloud Shift to provide their AWS services is they gain access to the cloud expertise that Cloud Shift offers while incurring no additional costs. Further, Cloud Shift Strategies strives to lower a company’s overall AWS costs by implementing best practices, the right tools, and skilled staff to optimize their ongoing cloud management and growth.