Infrastructure as Code & Secrets Management

Build a simple Flask / Python application in Amazon Web Services using Hashicorp terraform to build a secure and fault tolerant and scalable application infrastructure in AWS EC2. We will use Hashicorp vault to store database secrets and a secure way.


In this lab, we will learn how to deploy AWS Infrastructure as Code using the Opensource tool Terraform by Hashicorp. We will also learn to use Vault, another Hashicorp tool, to securely manage secrets and passwords in a highly automated cloud application environment.

In this lesson, we will set up a Linux machine in AWS EC2 that will work as provisioning host. On that machine, we will download, the terraform scripts from github and build our aws infrastructure

In this lesson we'll build all of the infrastructure depicted here, including the network and security layer.

In this lesson we'll configure a non-HA vault server that was deployed into our ES2 app layer.

In this lesson we'll destroy all the web server resource that we created in this lab