AWS Enterprise SureStart© program helps Enterprises who want build an AWS foundation that is is Ready to Scale. We help assess, design and deploy a cloud architecture in accordance with the AWS Well Architected Framework that includes aspects that are important to large enterprises – like multi-account identity management, SSO, security controls, auditability, change management, cost optimization & chargeback and tool chain selection.

Ensure that your Enterprise AWS Deployment model is Ready to Scale for all aspects of the business, including

  • SECURITY - Audit, Security, Identity Management & Authentication
  • FINANCE - Consolidation, Chargeback, Accountability, Transparency
  • OPERATIONS - Automation, Autonomy, Agility

Step 1 - Get READY - Design (2 weeks)

  • Gather Business & Technical Requirements for AWS usage in Enterprise
  • Develop Customized Reference Architecture for AWS in Enterprise
  • Conduct customer review of architecture

Step 2 - Get SET - Deploy (2 weeks)

  • Configure AWS account and security framework
  • Deliver in person knowledge transfer to AWS cloud platform operations

Step 3 - GO! - Run (4 weeks)

  • Small retainer for on-demand support for deployments and operations

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