CloudShift Labs


Learn to build infrastructure as code and deploy apps into a DevOps style Ci/Cd stream. In this lab each participant will build a Flask web application on a virtual desktop, commit the changes to github, test it using Travis-ci and deploy to AWS ECS infrastructure. The AWS ECR infrastructure will be built with Infrastructure as Code using Docker containers allow developers to have self contained infrastructure than can run anywhere, from a desktop, to a CI server, to production AWS.

Build a simple Flask / Python application in Amazon Web Services using Hashicorp terraform to build a secure and fault tolerant and scalable application infrastructure in AWS EC2. We will use Hashicorp vault to store database secrets and a secure way.

Quickly build an infinitely scale-able serverless web application that runs on AWS lambda for just pennies per month. Cloud Shift Strategies will lead an interactive workshop where each attendee will build a simple Flask based web application and deploy it to lambda. No programming skills are required!

This lab is designed to very quickly demonstrate several features of Hashicorp Vault including the default secrets engine (key/value pairs), dynamic database secrets, ssh one-time passwords and maybe more in the future (i.e. github authentication and Transit encryption as a service)